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"It is the emotional ally of intelligence & desire to mould, to illustrate, & to make personal contributions to the age-long yearnings of humanity to enliven and decorate the fringes of laborious life with a border of beauty" Arthur Lismer, Canadian 'Group of Seven'

Would you like to connect with Nature's Healing Energy through Art?

 My artwork uses components from Nature to represent beauty, balance and healing in an often confusing & challenging world. 

Do you want a make-over of your environment that supports inner transformation?

A deeper connection to meaning through the Art you choose to surround yourself with?

Decorating our nest is a basic human need: artwork that inspires & nurtures self healing and transformation.

Eco-conscious Fine Art that embodies your Mission Statement on first sight contributes to Marketing and Branding with authenticity and credibility.


I would like to share my talent, passion and personal journey of healing through creativity with you. I hope to inspire, surprise, connect and support you through an exploration of Art appreciation & connection to the Natural Environment using a Holistic approach to healing imbalance by re-assessing what you hang on your walls, what you wear, who made it, how it impacts the environment and influences your inner life.

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Caribou Whispers
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