My Story:  Rose L. Williams  

Artist Rose L. Williams with original textiles & paintings at Granville Island Art Market 2019 Vancouver BC Canada
Eastside Culture Crawl Crow image with botanical art by Rose L. Williams Arts

Visual Artist & Certified Expressive Arts Therapist - Rose L. Williams critically investigates interstices between creative activity, trauma, transformation and aesthetics. Williams’ Paintings and Photographs raise awareness around Wellness, Allopathic & Natural Medicine and the health of the Environment. Grounded in a 40 year career in Photography, Williams incorporates Botanical and Eco Printing, Natural Dyes and recycled textiles into her Mixed Media Paintings, Collages, Prints and Custom Fashion design. Her current subject matter embraces images of the natural world; trees, water, birds, fish and leaves; the healing qualities that are embodied within; the extinctions they face and their symbolic associations with humanity. Projects incorporating Biophilia, Phenomenology, and Environmental activism keep this artist's work relevant and representative of a 21st Century artist’s perspective. 


Williams is a Canada Council Creative Research Grant recipient, Graduate of Emily Carr University, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, member of Kickstart - Society for Disability Arts & Culture Vancouver and the Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Parker Street Studios

Rose L. Professional studio has been established at 1000 Parker Street Studios since 2000. Her association with the creative activities in the famous building began in 1985 working with colleagues at Wizard Graphics and Peter Gorman Studios. She has been an active participant in the yearly open studio Art Festival organized by the Eastside Culture Crawl from it's early inception as a simple artist's cooperative venture. We welcome thousands of visitors to tour our studios and meet the artists.


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Lotus Flower

Rose began her visual arts career studying Photography in 1979 when darkroom technology was still a requirement. Commercial line cameras, photography studio management, location shooting, developing and printing analog film and customer service were fundamental to her professional development. Technological innovation has transformed the Photo industry and Rose continues to shoot Digital format. Photo sharing sites encourage creative community building.

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Living the Coastal Dream
Kickstart Disability Arts

Rose is an active member of Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture, a non-profit arts and advocacy organization aimed at promoting the creative output of artists that self identify with a physical or developmental disability. Rose is a veteran and survivor of Severe Stage IV Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis and over 20 abdominal surgeries herself and acts as a peer mentor and advocate within the Endo community.

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Rose portrait by Alistair Eagle Custom Slow-Fashion & Accesories 

Sustainable and Environmentally responsible practices are the fundamental backbone of Rose L. Williams Arts philosophy. Selected paintings and photographs from Rose's collection are mindfully translated to high quality, custom created fashion, accessories and housewares. VIDA partners with fair trade, locally sustainable producers, supports worker's rights and education and maintain an environmentally soft footprint while successfully keeping high quality as their signature.

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209-1000 Parker Street Studios Vancouver BC Canada V6A 2H2

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